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About us

Women in Science is an organization dedicated to providing women in Sweden who are interested in science with tools and resources to help them achieve their goals in both career and private life. Those goals may involve advancement in their careers, improving independence, running their own business, or other. We host events and sub-projects such as workshops, seminars, mentor programs and much more to be announced. Feel free to read more about our events.

Our goal

Our goal is to strengthen the way girls and women see themselves in relation to the world of science, and to each other, by creating a network of women involved in science. The Women in Science Organization operates as an open platform for discussion and exchange of ideas, experiences and questions, without political or cultural agenda. Everything can be discussed and therefore nothing is right or wrong.

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Women in Science is a network where women can meet and support each other in the way they need – career and personal lives alike. We feel that now, more than ever, is a time for us to continue having each other’s backs and support each other in these trying times.

We will therefore proceed with the mentor program according to plan, the only major change being that the introduction meeting, and perhaps more if needed, will be held online. Participants will be able to choose if they wish to have their one-on-one meetings online or in person in order to feel safe. We encourage participants who feel unsure of their progression in the program to tell us so in the form we have sent out where they have the chance to opt in again, as these are special circumstances and we respect that the schedules of our participants may have changed drastically in a short amount of time.

As we, like you, are following the situation closely every day, we cannot say how the rest of the meetings will be held, but right now virtual meetings is the plan. We hope that you will join this new adventure you are about to embark on with the same excitement as we feel and enjoy the support from fellow women in STEM!

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